Portfolio Review for March 2019

By The Boy Who Procrastinates - March 30, 2019

With a blink of an eye, we have zoomed past the first quarter of the year. One of the significant events that have taken place thus far would include the Trump-Kim summit that has occurred for the second time in Feb 2019. The meeting was however cut short with no agreement reached.

The US Fed has recently indicated on 20 March that the interest rate will be held steady with no rate hike this year, putting the range of fed fund rate at 2.25% to 2.5%. Even though it may have been a welcoming reprieve for investors in the REITS market, the Fed has signalled signs of weakening economic activity and global growth uncertainty.

In the local context, the STI has surged from 3038.89 at the start of the year to 3212.88 in March, ending the first quarter with a rise of 5.73%.

Similarly, the SGX S-REIT 20 Index has been on a steady rise from 1212.436 in January to 1346.046 in March, recording a gain of 11.02% in just three months. 

Action in Q1

It has been a dull quarter for me as I have not taken any action to load up on any stocks. 

In Feb, I have accepted the general offer for M1 which I have elaborated in greater depth in the previous post. Though it does not occupy a significant proportion of the portfolio, it is nevertheless the first loss-making position that I have closed. 


(Click to enlarge)

The off-loading of M1 has been indicated by a different colour ⎼ red to represent capital outflow from the portfolio. This should provide a clearer picture on the movement of the portfolio value. 

The first quarter has been marked with preponderance of positive sentiment in market's favour. Despite the divestment of M1 and the lack of capital injection, I am thankful that the market value of my portfolio has increased by 2.38% to $102,417.61 in the first three months of 2019. 

Against the backdrop of STI ETF's YTD time-weighted return of 3.14%, the portfolio has returned 7.43%, a margin of 4.29%. 


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I am rather pleased with the dividend collected so far, largely contributed by the collection in the month of March. Compared to 1Q2018, the dividend collected has increased by 1,454% to $1,235.21, mainly due to the result of capital injection into stocks and reits last year. 

The dividend collected from this quarter is contributed by the following securities: 

Payment Date
15 Jan
21 Feb
28 Feb
Starhill Global REIT
28 Mar
CapitaRetail China Trust
28 Mar
Far East HTrust
29 Mar
Cromwell European REIT
Total Dividend Collected : $1,235.21
Average Dividend/Month : $412.74 (over 3-months period)

* Exchange Rate 
1 EUR : 1.5225 SGD

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