Spreading Wings in 2019

By The Boy Who Procrastinates - January 21, 2019

The global equity markets have begun the year with great rebound, as investors are experiencing the January effect amidst optimism over trade talks between China and US and recent dovish tone from the US Federal Reserve.

Similarly, the dawn of a new year signifies a fresh and new start for all of us. After an annual review which helps to slow down the pace of life and allow us to reminisce and appreciate the little and big moments that form part of our lives in 2018, it is now time to embark on new beginnings and resolutions in 2019.

As some of us might have experienced, the initial impetus for new year's resolutions usually wanes after the first month and some might eventually bail on their resolutions. 

Personally, I feel that seeking out support and accountability can help us avoid faltering along the journey. When you share your goals with a buddy or confidante, they can inquire about your progress and root you on. For me, listing out my goals on this blog can make myself accountable to whoever is reading. This form of public declaration can act as psychological tactic to increase the likelihood of sticking to my commitments. 

Last year, I have set the targets which I have strived to achieve in that 12 months. And to track the progress, I have conducted a review on these goals in the previous post. 

To quote The Crown, all men must step into the unknown. And by setting realistic targets, we can seek clarity and precision to navigate in the labyrinth of life and to reach that ultimate achievement. In the context of the blog, that would be to arrive at financial independence eventually. 


  • Save at least $25,000 (excluding dividends/stock gains)  [Not Achieved]
  • Increase my portfolio capital flow by at least $15,000 [Achieved]
  • Aim to beat the benchmark STI ETF by a margin of at least 3% [Achieved]
  • Achieve at least $1,500 dividend in 2018 [Achieved]

2019 Target

  • I have been told that the savings and investment goals might be a little contradicting. Therefore, I would probably combine them and aim to save/invest at least $40,000 this year. 
  • Aim to beat the benchmark STI ETF by a margin of at least 3% and with positive returns
  • Achieve at least $5,000 dividend in 2019

Book Reading

  • Complete 5 books in 2018 [Achieved]

2019 Target

  • My 2018 reading progress is largely impeded by the investment classic text, The Intelligent Investor which I personally find it difficult to read due to the dense insight into investing. For 2019, I will still keep the book count at 5 as I have intended to include a challenging book in my list. 
  • Write at least 2 book reviews

Personal Development

  • Initiate on a financial analysis project using either Python / R programming [Achieved]
  • Blog at least once a month [Achieved]
  • Aim to whip up a new dish [Partially Achieved]
  • Learn to play a piano piece [Not Achieved] 

2019 Target

  • Initiate on a financial analysis project using either Python / R programming: I would like to keep this target unchanged as it would be good practice for my while I brush up and improve on my computing skills. 
  • Blog at least twice a month: In the second year of this blog, I have decided to blog more often and increase the post count per month by 1. As there are other commitments in life that I have to attend to, I do not wish to inflate the post count which might compromise on the post quality. 
  • Learn to play a piano piece: Since this has been unfulfilled in 2018, I will keep it unchanged. Keeping my fingers crossed that the digital piano will cease to be a white elephant one day! 

Health & Fitness

  • Completed my first 42.4km full marathon [Achieved]

2019 Target

The completion of a marathon has definitely produced an endorphin rush of accomplishment for me, albeit an arduous process. After the event, I have lost approximately 3kg, likely due to loss of water weight. But even so, I would probably not attempt another long distance running any time soon. 

I have recently signed up for a 6-months Yoga sessions to complement jogging as part of my fitness regime. This is also to balance out the demands of jogging by stretching out muscles and joints with Yoga being the yin to the running yang. 

  • Maintain a jogging mileage of 10-15km on a weekly basis 
  • Complete 5.2km (my usual running route) in under 30 minutes which translates to 5:46mins/km pace
  • Complete 10km in under 1 hour 5 mins which translates to 6:30mins/km pace
  • Complete the yoga sessions with 90% - 100% attendance rate.  

At the end of the day, we should not be afraid to grow slowly but to be afraid only of standing still. Do not underestimate the cumulative power of small and steady changes in your daily routines. Every small change that we make brings us one step closer to becoming the best version of ourselves. 

Plus est en vous.

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