Portfolio Review for June 2018

By The Boy Who Procrastinates - June 30, 2018

What is one to say about June? It is definitely an eventful first half of 2018. Just in the month of June alone, we have witnessed several significant events such as the kicking off of the World Cup, the historical Trump-Kim summit that took place in Singapore, the raising of short-term interest rate by the Federal Reserve to 2%, as well as the recent escalation of global trade tensions by US, with tariff threats against China, Canada and Mexico and the European Union.

Back to the local market, the STI appeared to be experiencing a roll-coaster ride in the 2nd quarter. It has closed at 3430.76 at the start of April, reached a 10-years high of 3641.65 in May and ended at 3268.70 in June, recording a drop of 4.72% for the quarter. 

On the other hand, the SGX S-REIT 20 Index has been inching lower from 1246.74 in April to 1193.918 in June, with a decline of 4.24%.

Blog Update

I have recently set up a Facebook Page for the blog. This is to provide greater convenience and to better facilitate the notification for any new post that is being updated here. As an avid reader to other financial blogs myself, I would usually check Facebook for any new posts as compared to my mailbox.

Action in 2nd Quarter

I have applied for the IPO for Hyphens Pharma in May and was issued a small allotment. However, due to the market downturn, the number has since turned red. With the market volatility in mind, I will be monitoring the progress of this growth stock. 

Earlier in June, I have recently initiated a position in Netlink NBN Trust which I have shared my thoughts on this week

With the recent enthusiasm in the Temasek-linked Astrea IV's A-1 Bonds, I have also subscribed to a small position in June and have intended to hold it till maturity. 

Taking into account the current weakness in the share price of Starhill Global, I have brought down my average price towards the end of Jun. I have elaborated in this post


My portfolio value has increased sharply in June, mainly due to the injection of fund in view of the recent market downturn. As of 30 June, it has a total value of approximately $75,000, with just a quarter more to the $100,000 mark. Given the current sizable value, I should be looking to improve on my portfolio allocation, as well as to review and consolidate some of the holdings.  

Breaking down the portfolio by types, it consists of 20% Bonds, 24% REITS and 56% Equity. Personally, I think it is a rather balanced portfolio. However, I should think that I can afford to take on greater risk as I still have a long investment horizon ahead and there is still an inflow of fund from my active income. 


For the 2nd quarter, I have been collecting dividends mainly in the months of April and May. The dividends derived from the portfolio might seem relatively meagre as most of the portfolio value comes from recent fund injection this year. Additionally, a portion of it is invested in long-term growth stocks which generally have lower dividend yields. I have since been looking to increase my exposure in the dividend segment such as REITs, especially with the recent sell-down impacted by interest rate increment. 

I have also opted for Raffles Medical scrip dividend in June.

Total dividend collected: $436.87
Average dividend/month: $36.41

*Exchange Rate
1 EUR : 1.5617 SGD

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